About us

Lucknow is a growing Metropolitan which is equipped with Airport, Railways & Four National Highways. The upcoming Metro would add more convenience to the city and would lead it towards Modernization. The old city of Lucknow now has turned into a growing Metropolitan which in turn has led to lot of Migration into the city. So here, we play our role in catering the property needs for Individuals. We help you making your Dream Home by adding some expert advice & smart options, just like they add spice to the very famous Lucknowi Kababs making it taste splendidly. We make your living Magnificent by getting you the best affordable deals as per your budget.

Though, the modern age lifestyle of Lucknow city has been tremendously changing but, the warmth of the Old Lucknow remains in its Cuisine, Clothing, Shayari & Taste of Nawabs. The capital city of Uttar Pradesh has tremendously given rise to demand of Property in the city and its outskirts. Here we play our role in providing you the best deals whether it is Plots or High Rise Buildings. We cater your needs by properly understanding your necessities. We provide state-in-art and exemplary options to our clients. So, far we’ve been catering the Real Estate industry in the best possible ways.

We not only assist you in choosing your Dream home but, our expertise in after-sale services makes you more convenient in terms of all the property related formalities. So now you don’t have to rush anywhere since we are here to look after your Property Portfolio.

Prathamshakti Infravision Pvt. Ltd. has been established in Oct 2014 by Mr. Shakti Gupta & Mr. Uzzwal Kr. Goel with a basic objective of catering the Real Estate & Property requirements of Individuals & Corporate. Prathamshakti Infravision Pvt. Ltd. is dealing in Plots, Row Houses, Farm Houses, Villas, Duplexes, High Rise, Low Rise Apartments & Commercial Spaces.

Your Dream home is the Exclusive focus of our business. Picking a trustable agent is what leads you to a successful buying or selling of property so, Prathamshakti Infravision Pvt. Ltd. here entirely focuses on your needs and helps you turn your dreams into reality. We use the latest technology and marketing techniques for incorporating your ideas of dream home and out of our database we get the best options specifically created after incorporation of your ideas, Industry knowledge, and expertise has helped us put this organization as top in offering Real Estate services.

Our Mission

At Prathamshakti Infravision Pvt. Ltd., we aim to provide our clients with a concentrated property experience, providing state-of-the-art professional services to buyers & sellers for creating maximum benefit and personal satisfaction in a lifetime relationship.

Our Vision

Prathamshakti Infravision Pvt. Ltd. is a premier Real Estate firm in Lucknow, specializing in Residential property sales. The firm dominates Lucknow & nearby areas also, excel in every aspect of Real estate operations, including; client satisfaction, operating systems, team development and profitability.

We achieve this by:

  • Outdoing and consistency in everything we do.
  • Motivation and Immense Enthusiasm
  • Creating Confidence by providing quality and integrity among the ways we do business
  • Seeking innovation and Improvements

Our Values

The team of Prathamshakti Infravision Pvt. Ltd. abides by the following principles:

  • Making the needs and welfare of our clients will as the topmost concern
  • We provide balanced service irrespective of any caste & cultural background.
  • The team involved in the Real Estate business operates with honesty and integrity underpinning all our actions.
  • We aim in providing Property solutions in a pioneering team environment.
  • We believe in making transparent communication with our clients.
  • Our people work in a safe and healthy environment.
  • As Real estate organization we believe in meeting 100% needs of our client.
  • As per our name we always perform Pratham in catering our client’s needs by helping them choose their Dream home.

Why Us

It is a tuff task choosing the right Company to buy or sell property. There are ample of Companies that take initiative and do nothing till they ask you to compromise with the budget. So it becomes very difficult to get your proper Company. Here at Prathamshakti Infravision Pvt. Ltd., we recognize that Real Estate is about Real people who require Real results.

  • At the foreground of every deal we make sure, we don’t just say it we do it.
  • We get you the best results within the defined span of time
  • We make sure our buyer is completely informed of all the amenities of the property so there is no misconception.
  • We are justified Property agents with a record of providing best Real Estate services in Lucknow

So, get in touch with us or call our agents so that we’re able to meet your Property needs.